My eyes narrowed into slits in the strong sunlight.

What's the minimum salary in Finland?

Allan has been coughing up blood.

What are you going to do today?

There are no tickets left.

The first person to have been sent to space is known to be Yuri Gagarin, not Neil Armstrong.

Are you really that ignorant?

It's always something with you, isn't it?

What if Roger can't handle it?

I am watching television.

I just didn't want you in here.

Miki never said anything.

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We can't ignore Stuart's past.

Ask Brendan to bring Karen tomorrow.

She kept me waiting for 30 minutes.

I believe beyond doubt that she is innocent.

Each man has his own field of work.


Kimberly is doing the shopping.

Jeannette will be in Boston for three weeks.

He is handicapped by poor health.

He timed him during the marathon.

According to the ballistics report, this gun can't be the murder weapon.

I bet Christie will be late.

I think you're kind of handsome.


That was a figure of speech.

Catherine, or Cath for short.

I just wanted to talk to him.

Older men are usually very wise.

Let's see what else we can find out about Laurent.

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I am anxious that nobody should be hurt.


I am off today.

Stan stood on the platform in Westminster Underground Station.

I thought I knew them.


The priest blessed the congregation.

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Once a thing is posted, it is in the care of the Post Office.

You've got to tell somebody.

There are many foreign tourists in Asakusa.

I slept, and you?

Don't fear the stinging of the thorns if you want to break the rose.


The man watches me.


John is a stallholder.

I don't understand what just happened here.

I greatly appreciate your efforts during our festival.

She learned to fly many different kinds of planes.

We've been trying to reach you for hours.

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I moved to Boston three weeks ago.

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I'm only doing it because I'm forced to.


The ground was covered with leaves.


Are you sure you want to join the special forces?


Darci didn't know who it was.

We don't know what went wrong.

Ethan sensed danger.


Ah! my dear girl, I would love to see you become the wife of a good farmer and be one of our neighbours.

People who resort to ad hominem arguments are all a bunch of backwoods jackasses.

He will hide it.

What money he earns he spends on books.

See you in the morning, Isaac.

Come sit down.

When do you rise?

I'd better go home.

Paola never really wanted to live in Boston.

Rhonda seldom eats with his family.

Cocktails will be at 6:00 and dinner will be served at 6:30.

Let no one speak.

Everyone is staring at them.

He has two beautiful boys.

I'm really sorry I doubted you.

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You are not allowed to leave the room.

She specially loved roses, and therefore she possessed the most beautiful varieties of this flower.

Heinrich provided no further details.

He didn't see anything.

What I'm supposed to be looking for?

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Don't arouse him from his sleep!


I keep thinking about how much fun we used to have together.


The match had to be called off because of the freezing weather.


Just hang on.

Why is it not talked about in schools?

Rodent walked past me without saying anything.


A superstition is a premature explanation that overstays its time.

Rudolf says he understands how you feel.

Do not disturb.

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We're not sure what we should be doing.

Why is that?

When must I turn in the report?


Do you think you could teach me to play the bagpipes?

I would like you to look over these documents.

This meteorite was found in the Sahara Desert.

Let him leave.

As you treat me, so I will treat you.

The president was not injured.

He built on his father's fortune.


She wants to be a designer.

There is no evidence to the contrary.

I already have my things.


We play soccer.

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My son can neither read nor write yet.


I'm sorry to hear this.

Jarvis probably doesn't want to be seen talking to Joni.

Please leave your message on my answering machine.

Should one say "thou" or "ye"?

We've heard this before.

Gods came down on earth to guide humanity to its end.

Swedish is easy.


Some voters waited hours to vote.

We have eaten there three times.

Reservations are necessary.

I don't want to hear any more of your stupid jokes.

Are you a college student?

Lorry swims well.

Just don't break anything.

Pay at the cash register.

The outlook for the defense program is dismal.

I wouldn't put it past him to cheat if it served his interests.

Monetary policy in United States has been characterized by tight credit over the months.

According to the weather reports, it will snow tomorrow.

I wrote back to him.

Never did I tell her that I loved her.

Hillary nervously entered.


I'd like to have a spoon.

I've been trying to do that.

I think I'll stay in Boston for a few more days.

Tahsin wants to know if you're planning on going to Boston with us next weekend.

With Christmas just around the corner, I should do some shopping.

He is mad about you.

I killed a duck once.


I won't let her have you.

I love the way you think.

If the plug gets dirty, wipe it off with a dry cloth before insertion.

Morgan always tries to help other people.

I know why Isabelle did that.


He was not strong enough for being in a relationship with you. That was the reason.

I am using a 30-day trial copy of the music software.

That is such a high mountain as old people can't climb.


I wonder what Janet did with it.


Clifford still hasn't answered my email.

This elderly person said something.

Tuna couldn't find an empty parking space.

You're a failure.

I beg you to forgive me.

I wish that I could do more.

The murderer was executed.

Seenu was shot dead in front of his house.

Lui goes to Bible study on Sunday mornings.

You'll see the students.

A knocking sensation may indicate a loose headset.

Doug changed places with Heidi.

She has no clue who she's with

We need another three million dollars to complete this project.

Sorry I won't be there.

Natraj looks so much better now that he's swapped his horn-rimmed glasses for the latest style.

She was greedy for love.

Do not accept gifts.

I must have been dreaming.

He started his voyage around the world in his sailboat.

We plan to have a welcoming party for Mr. Clark who came to Japan the other day.

The circumstances were different then.

The girls spread many false rumors and lies about Socorrito.

I'll be in my lab.

Our city is getting bigger and bigger.

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Ah, snow!

She goes to market every day.

Izumi can barely eat.


This is a set expression.

March right up those stairs, young man!

When do you think it'll be done?